Getting high-quality construction specialty products is paramount for the success of your project.
To achieve this, you need to purchase from a reliable construction supplies store.

Quality Sourcing

Construction Supply Inc. has been a leading concrete supplies store in Austin-Round Rock since 1991. We source our concrete and masonry products from reputable manufacturers to ensure that you get the best.

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We understand how important it is to get Concrete Supplies In Austin Tx that will meet your project’s specifications at a fair price. This is why we are very careful when sourcing our products so that every time you come to us, you’ll never get a substandard product

Professional Team

You don’t know the best product for your project? Don’t worry as our knowledgeable staff will help you to make a choice. We also have a ready inventory which will make it easier for you to make a choice any time you want to make a purchase.

Whether you decorative concrete products or any other commercial supplies for your project get in touch with us.
Just like we’ve been doing since 1991, we promise nothing short of the best.

Get in touch with us and we’ll make your concrete and masonry dream a reality!

Our Commercial Concrete Supplies

Concrete Products Division 3

Hardeners and Densifiers

Are you looking for a concrete hardener that will make your concrete floor last long without wearing out? You need to buy from a credible concrete supplies store if you need good quality.

At Construction Supply, we stock highly effective concrete hardeners that will make your concrete stand the test of time. We’ve partnered with top manufacturers to ensure that we get you the best at a pocket-friendly price.

Antiquing Releases

Buying a good concrete form release will not only enable you to spend less but it will also last longer on your forms. When you source form releases from our concrete supplies store, you’ll get a highly effective and environment-friendly quality.

Do not settle for cheap form releases that will remain effective for a shorter duration and will not be as effective.

Concrete color, Dye and Stain

Adding colorants to your concrete whether it be pigment, dye or stain will make your concrete beautiful. At Concrete Supply, we stock the best concrete colorants where you’ll choose from a wide range of colors. Whether you need it in powder form or in liquid form, you’ll get the best quality.

Make your space beautiful today by buying a concrete colorant from our concrete supplies store today.

Sealers-Acrylic, Urethane, Polyurea/Polyaspartic

Getting the best concrete sealers can be a complex task especially if you are working on your first project. There are so many brands in the market and knowing the best is very difficult. In our concrete supplies outlet, we only stock high-quality concrete sealers that we source from reputable manufacturers.

Our friendly staffs will help you choose the best that will work well for your concrete driveway, deck, or commerical floor project.


Have you noted some gaps in your concrete wall that you need to fill? Get in touch with Construction Supply and buy high-quality grout. It’ll also be useful in sealing floors to make it water resistant and easier to clean.

Always remember that you can only get good quality products by buying from the best concrete supplies store.


Though concrete is a durable building material that is preferred by many, you may notice some damages over time. To make your concrete repair a success, you need high-quality patching product.

At Construction Supply, we source patching supplies from trusted manufacturers. Any time you buy a parching from us, rest assured that it is the best and will work perfectly.


It is important to repair concrete cracks before they get worse leading to huge loses. Epoxies injection is one of the most effective ways of repairing concrete cracks that is preferred by many. You need to ensure that you’re buying good quality. To achieve this, you have to buy from a credible source.

Construction Supply on stocks original epoxies to ensure that you don’t make any mistakes in your repair work. If you need any help with your purchase, our friendly staffs are always there for you.


In the process of cement hydration, you need to control the rate and intensity of moisture loss. To do this, you need to buy a perfect cure which is available at our concrete supplies store. The cost is affordable and our support team will help you with your purchase to ensure you get the best quality.


To ensure that water does not penetrate into your concrete floor or wall joints, you need the right waterstop. The seal on your joints will sustain the integrity of your structure.

Whether you need urethane, bentonite or PVC waterstop, you’ll get them in our concrete supplies store.

Thermal and Moisture Protection Division 7


Masonry Restoration

Masonry damage can occur as a result of improper maintenance, extended exposure to harsh weather or moisture. To prevent further damage, you need to carry out a restoration process using the best masonry restoration products.

At Construction Supply, we’ve carefully selected our masonry restoration products so that you’ll get the most effective. Our professional staff will guide you in making your choice and our prices are affordable as well.

Joint Sealants

Joint sealants play a huge role in maintaining your concrete floor or wall. It will not only protect your structure from damage but will also make it last longer. There are multiple joint sealant brands and you have to ensure you are buying a high-quality brand.

When you contact our concrete supplies store, you’ll only find the best brands that will last longer. Our prices are affordable compared to what other stores sell similar products.

Joint-Sealants-in -Austin


To protect your concrete foundation from water damage and other external forces, you’ll need to caulk it. Caulking will also help to fill in the joints in your concrete and to repair joints which will protect the wall from further damages.

At Construction Supply, you’ll get silicons, polyurethane, acrylic latex silicone or Polyurea, among other sealants. Place your order today and we guarantee the best quality for all your orders.

Protection Boards / Insulation

After placing a waterproofing membrane on your foundation, you need to protect it against damage when backfilling. To do this, you need the right protection board that is resistant to decomposition and one that will last longer.

Construction Supply stocks the best protection boards that will stand the test of time regardless of the pressure it’ll be subjected to.


Drainage Board

Are you looking for a heavy-duty drainage board that cannot get penetrated by water? Construction Supply stocks drainage board that will enhance your foundation’s drainage. All you need is to place your order and we promise to deliver the best.

Finishes Division 9

To give your concrete the perfect finish, you need a finishing product from the best manufacturers. You need to source from a trusted manufacturer that uses high-quality raw materials in making their finishes. With this, you can have the assurance that you will get the best.

Here are some of the best finishes you’ll find in our concrete supplies store:

Are you looking for epoxy, polyurethane and polyaspoartic floor coatings? High performance coatings protect the underlying concrete from moister, stains, grease and cracks. We have everything you need at Construction Supply Inc. and all you need is to place your order.

The finish will give your concrete an amazing look and provide protection against harsh environmental conditions.


Buying a wall coating can be a complex task. Waterbased elastomeric coatings are often the go-to choice for exterior concrete/masonry wall applications.. we have made it easier for you by stocking the finest wall coating at Construction Supply. Your wall with get perfect protection from weathering and will also make it more beautiful.

Contact our Construction supplies store today and order your wall coating. If you need help with your order, our professional staff will gladly assist you.


Deck Coatings: Water proofing coatings for concrete decks, balcony, parking garages, basements and pools. Our concrete supplies store has the best coating for your deck. a deck coating that will not only make your deck beautiful but will protect it against the sun’s rays.

If you are not sure about the best coating for your deck, our professional staff will help you to make the best choice.


Are you looking for a floor coating that will make your concrete floor exceptionally durable? You need a floor coating that will protect your concrete floor from moisture, grease, cracks or stains? Contact Construction Supply and place your order.

You will love your floor’s new look that will require low maintenance for longer. Our prices are affordable to ensure that everyone can afford to get the best floor coating.


At Construction Supply, we stock high-quality water repellent. With this, you will waterproof your concrete or brick structure and this will make it last longer. To achieve this, you need to ensure that you are buying a quality product.

When you buy waterproofing products from our concrete supplies store, we guarantee the best quality. We source our products from reputable manufacturers.


Have you noted some cracks on your concrete wall or you want to make your concrete wall appealing? If this is the case, it is time to get in touch with our concrete supplies store and get an elastomeric finish.

With an elastomeric finish, your concrete will become water resistant which will make it last longer and become more appealing.


A decorative finish for your concrete floor will not only add to its functionality but will also make it stylish. To achieve this, you need a reliable source for your decorative finish where you will get the right quality at an affordable price.

Decorative Concrete - Stamped concrete, concrete dyes, Acid stain, Water based stain, overlay, polymer cement overlay, stamped overlay, epoxy coating, metallic coating, polishing products.


Are you looking for a ready-to-use concrete stain that will transform your concrete into a beautiful sight to behold? Get in touch with our concrete supplies store and choose from a wide range of colors. Whether you want a permanent, multicolored or a translucent color effect, we have the right concrete stain for you.

For all your walkways, concrete walls, and floors, get your concrete stain from the Construction Supply store. You’ll be amazed at how an ordinary concrete can change.


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